Lord Spunky - Photo Credit - Steve Netting

Lord Spunky – Photo Credit – Steve Netting

Sunday 2 August 2015 marked a very special event for me (Tristan), the 30 anniversary celebration of the Amiga, Amiga30UK @ The Marriott Hotel in Peterborough, UK.

I nearly didn’t go, can you believe that?

But I did, and I’m pleased I did. An event full of fellow Amigan’s, full of legends. There were guys at the event that I’ve talked to online and known for years but never met, until last Sunday. The photo below, for example, is me (in centre with the black T, back to camera) and Paul in the grey T who I’ve spoken to on for a few years and never realised until I got home!


Famous people (to us) that was some what overwhelming. From RJ Mical to David Pleasance (MD of Commodore UK), Trevor Dickinson of A-Eon Tech and most recently I even got star struck with Tim Wright who I’ve conversed with on Facebook for years but never met, this guy, this guy did the music to Lemmings and Wipeout for god sake! As a computer geek that is one thing, from a wannabe digital musician as The Synapse Project it is totally different! I think I managed a smile and a “hiya”.

Tim Wright

So I met guys I’ve never really met before, and I met people I’ve never met before. I sat behind the scenes watching Dan and Ravi interview famous Amiga legends, these guys do some great YouTube work (I’d never heard of them before Sunday (oops)).

David Pleasance

As The Silicon Vault we offered systems – Amiga’s clearly. I took a boot full and we took out our Amiga 500 Plus for display, sadly the floppy disk drive failed.

Amiga 500+

I wasn’t going to get anything signed. But it the romance of the moment I grabbed the Amiga 600 I had in the crate of systems I took along “just incase”, turns out I saved this Amiga 600 from my local tip some 14 years ago. It works and is now signed by RJ Mical and David Pleasance! (I never liked the A600, I jumped from A500 to A1200.)

David SigningAmiga 600 Sign

What can I say really? I was overwhelmed, amazed, starstruck it was an amazing day/night. I can’t believe I hesitated going. Steve (the organiser) did an amazing job, a great guy and so helpfully, I sent so many stupid PM’s to him prior to going.


So Amiga happy 30th.

To the Amiga community, to us Amigan’s it was a pleasure to meet you, and you all rock!

We must do it again sometime…….. Amiga31UK ?

Western Gazette


Despite not posting here for awhile life hasn’t stood still for The Silicon Vault. We have been behind the scenes sorting systems, repairing, and at HQ we have transformed our gaming corner to make it workable. Most importantly, playable!

So when the local paper (Western Gazette) asked for people to come forward with their collections I thought it was the perfect chance to drop them a line. A phone call interview and photo shoot later and the result is hyperlinked below.

The Silicon Vault – Western Gazette

Xbox Live 83118853 – Temp Solution

Thank's Microsoft

Thank’s Microsoft

This may not work for everyone, but has worked for us.

Basically, when you try and log onto Live and it comes up with the account address and password, go passed that until you get the ‘Save Password’ screen, don’t allow it to save the password (not sure if this item is needed but I did it anyway), then click Ok. Now when the error code comes up just press the silver X button and you will go back to your dashboard and you should then be signed into Xbox Live!

Now try playing a game online, it will ask you for the details again, and the error code will come up again – but press that silver Xbox button to come out of it, and hey presto!

It is only a temporary fix. But may help get your children online until Microcon works out a fix.

Regards – Spunky


Xbox Live Error – 83118853

Thank's Microsoft

Thank’s Microsoft

Well……Microsoft have done it this time!

Currently across the world, anyone with a Xbox Live child account haven’t been able to play online for the last 2 days (since the last Xbox update) – it comes up with error code 83118853.

So now children who have responsible parents that setup a restricted account can no longer play Live.

Most of us have contacted support and gone through the same trouble shooting steps – yesterday Microsoft Support promised me it would be fixed by yesterday afternoon – and it still isn’t – they had a Status Error on their website for an hour or two – but have since removed it.

We PAY for this service that is now not available.

Sort it out Microsoft, we want a refund and it to work!!!!

Xbox Live Error – 83118853


————— Please See This Temp Fix! ———————————————-


—– What makes it worse is my son turned his Xbox 360 on so I could take the photo – and it produced the Red Ring Of Death!!! Luckily it went away again, for the moment……….another reason to get a PS4!

Hello, Bygones! 31 August 2013

Hello Bygones August 2013


The Silicon Vault are proud to announce we will be attending the next Hello, Bygones! We will be running a retro gaming section where we ask for a minimum £1 donation towards The Silicon Vault.

It will be held at Westland Leisure Complex, Westbourne Grove, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2DD on Saturday, 31 August 2013 – more details at

System details to be confirmed. But we are considering the following systems:

Atari VCS


Sega Mega Drive

Commodore Amiga 1200 (WHDLoad’ed ready!)



– And a handful of display systems

BBC Micro

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Apricot FP

Volunteers are needed – so anyone interested please let just know at –  

Hello, Bygones! December 2012


Sunday 2 December 2012 was a very special date.

It was The Silicon Vault’s first ever outing!

We held a retro gaming station at Hello, Bygones! Vintage bash.


It was a good day and many people, young and old, came and had a go of some of our collection.

We took along an Atari VCS 2600, Commodore 64C, Commodore Amiga 1200, SNES, N64 and Sega Mega Drive with MegaCD. On display was one of the first Apple Macintosh’s and a few other bits and bobs.


THAT discussion about graphics…

Disclaimer: This is all MY personal opinion so don’t get bent out of shape, I respect your opinion so please extend me the same courtesy and shaddap and listen 😀 (Last smiley of the Blog I promise).

In my opnion there are three defining factors that should  influence any one person’s choice of video games. In order they are:

  1. Gameplay
  2. Story/Subject matter
  3. Graphics

Stuff like online play would be a sub topic under gameplay (I think it should so it is for the benefit of this particular blog.. so there)

It was ineivetable that this was going to happen at some point again after the N64 and Playstation era but I have had my first row about videogame graphics recently since that time.

A good work colleague (Who shall remain anonymous as hopefully he undertsands its all personal preference and I have just realised the Vault Blogs go everywhere!), and I had our normal little conversations about COD online conquests and victories and it  had me harking back to my days when in my opinion, certain games were better than their current generation counterparts as there wasn’t so much emphasis on graphics and performance and more on the core gameplay. We were talking about what factors influence our purchasing and playing of games and said work colleauge started to list these factors, what alrmed me was came on top of the list for him…

Colleague: “Graphics, Stor…”

I had to intervene, how can graphics come top of a list for purchasing games? Surely the defining factor for any videogame player should be in the name video-GAME (play). Then story but even then it plays second fiddle to the gameplay, if I want a good story then I’ll read a book, or watch a film (Admittedly not one out of my collection as they are all brainless action flicks and comedies but you get my gist).

After we walked away from each other, I posed what must have been a zinger!

Myself: “Would you continue playing a game after purchase, with incredible graphics and poor gameplay?”

Colleauge: Slight pause……. “Yes” He then poses the opposite to me.

I then answer with NO PAUSE (Emphasis on the no pause bit as I was kinda ready for the question to be thrown back at me.

Myself: YES! I then list some games which are known for graphics that are really immune to the old rose tinted’s and frame rates that a flickbook could better, however I can still say that I enjoy playing these games to this day.

My colleague looks at me with a look that can only described as bemusement which then transforms into a nod of conceding and says nothing.